Selling Your House Without a Real Estate Agent in NC is the Key to Saving on Holding Costs

Save on holding costs when selling your house without an agent
Wanna save some money when selling your house?

It can come as a complete surprise when you actually sit down and review all the holding costs that accumulate when selling your house in NC with a real estate agent. That unwelcome circumstance where a house sits on the market for an extended period of time can and lead some into financial ruin. Your holding costs will absolutely increase the longer your home is lingering on the market, and there are many reasons why this happens. The most common reason is that your asking price is too high, and this will cause you to lose money in the long run. Next, your home doesn’t conform to the surrounding properties in the area or your home is not updated in a way to make it appealing to potential buyers. In fact, the longer your house sits on the market the less attractive it will become to buyers. The most stressful of reasons is that the buyer backs out which happens more often than you may realize. This can be double painful to your wallet if you have already relocated. With that said, if saving money on holding costs is a goal for you, you should consider selling your house without a real estate agent in NC. Below are the holding costs that you don’t have to pay.

Monthly Overhead

Utility bills that roll in like clockwork are included in the breakdown of the holding costs you will face when selling your house with a NC real estate agent. Agents can provide average days a house sits on the market, however, they can’t provide the date you’ll close on the property. This open-ended arrangement can quickly escalate into an extreme financial burden as the property lingers on the market.


Homeowners insurance is another necessity and must also be counted in the breakdown of the holding costs you will face when selling your house with a NC real estate agent. It just isn’t worth the risk to forgo purchasing a homeowners insurance policy try to save money while you try to sell your house. Besides, many lenders require insurance in addition to PIP mortgage insurance if you still owe a balance of more than 80 percent on your mortgage note.


Property taxes will never disappear and will continue to accrue while your house is listed. You can easily determine your monthly cost by dividing the annual bill amount. The taxes will be prorated and will be included in your closing. This is another expense you will have to be mindful of when selling your house with a real estate agent in NC. 

House Payments

Your mortgage payments will still need to be paid while your house sits on the market waiting for a buyer. This will hurt you financially especially if you have already relocated to another house in another city or even out-of-state. Paying two payments on two separate properties can be stressful and can put you in a financial hardship really quick.


Repairs are a never-ending theme of home ownership that needs to be incorporated into the breakdown of the holding costs you will face when selling your house with a NC real estate agent. In particular, as homes age repairs can literally drown you in unexpected expenses. 


Maintenance also needs to be added to the breakdown of the holding costs you’ll face when selling your house with a real estate agent in NC. You must continue to maintain your home, especially when your home is listed and you want to attract buyers. If you’ve already moved, you’ll have to add travel expenses or pay someone to help you monitor the property and keep everything in order.

All of these costs can add up to thousands while your house is sitting on the MLS. Why wait any longer? Consider selling your house without a real estate agent in NC and sell to Narrow Path Investments, LLC instead! Save yourself the time, energy, and hassle of listing your home, we offer a quick and guaranteed closing date! You can forget about the utility bills, with no more homeowners insurance, property taxes, or mortgage payments to make. Repairs and maintenance will no longer be a concern. Call 919-346-0699 today or send us a message to learn how we can help you! We buy houses in NC. We especially buy houses in Raleigh, Durham, Knightdale, Clayton, Wake Forest, and Greenville, NC.

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