5 Signs of a Great Raleigh Property Manager

Your real estate investments and rental properties are probably pretty crucial to your long-term financial goals. Which means hiring a competent and trustworthy property manager is really important to the success of your real estate business. Just as you should meet your potential tenants in person as part of your screening process, you should absolutely interview your potential property manager and ask questions about their previous or current property management experience. Doing so will help prevent disasters and lots of heartache.

Researching their background for yourself can also serve to help you make the right decision. Great property managers are worth their weight in gold. To get recommendations you can reliably base your decision, start asking around among your network of fellow rental property investors. In addition, it can be helpful to have a checklist to guide you through your search for the best property manager that fits your goals. For example, here are five signs to look for in a great property manager in Raleigh. 


Experience is one sign of a great Raleigh property manager. A property manager that has a great amount of years working with vendors who provide maintenance, repairs, and other service providers for rental properties will be a property manager that will bring along a dependable team of the most qualified professionals who will care for your rental property. In addition, an experienced property manager should have systems in place that will keep them organized despite the multitasking required to keep on top of maintaining, marketing, screening and evicting of troublesome tenants, scheduling vendors, and bookkeeping duties for your rental property.


A professional manager understands that whatever happens to your property ultimately falls on them. Therefore, professionals will not procrastinate. They will tackle sometimes difficult situations head-on and will stay proactive in their management philosophy. Through their experience, great property managers understand that addressing issues before they become emergencies is the most efficient way of managing a rental property. Experienced professionals are forward looking and will set goals to track achievements.


Professionalism also requires patience when things aren’t going right with tenants, vendors, or any number of stressful situations that can arise when managing a property. A true pro remains cool under the worst of circumstances and emergencies. Property managers who are quick on their feet are able to find creative solutions while always keeping the best interest of your investment in mind. They don’t bring more problems. They bring solutions. These are sure signs of a great property manager and there are plenty of good ones in Raleigh.


Let’s face it; it is always better to work smart, not hard, and utilizing the latest advances in technology helps you stay competitive in this business. This also a good sign that you have hired a great Raleigh property manager. In addition, property managers who take the initiative to educate themselves further in their profession, including remaining tech-savvy in an ever-evolving world of apps, will lead you on a path to success. 


Last but not least of importance, the ability to communicate well is a vital sign of a great Raleigh property manager. A top-notch property manager wants the return on your investment to be the highest possible. Towards that end, they will keep an eye on market trends, upcoming zoning changes, or plans for Raleigh growth. It is vital that your property manager keep you up to date on the most current market information. This will help improve or maintain your bottom line. Additionally, tenants tend to be happier overall when your property manager communicates with them effectively which should put you in a great position to achieve lower vacancy rates and turnovers. This is, for sure, a great financial benefit.

Narrow Path Investments, LLC is primarily an active home buyer in the Raleigh. However, we have a great network of reputable property managers who a true professionals in their industry. If you are a tired landlord who is ready to sell their rental property because you no longer want to deal with tenants or manage a property manager no longer, contact Narrow Path Investments, LLC at 919-346-0699 today!

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