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5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Raleigh

So now it’s time to sell that house. You’re finally ready to be done. What now? Are you ready to list your property with a traditional real estate agent and pay fees and commissions? Are you ready to wait a while for your house to sell? This may happen especially if your house needs repairs or updates. There are other options out there to sell your house. Have you considered doing a direct sale?

If you are not wanting to pay a realtor a commission, there is also the option of listing your property as for sale by owner. Going this route is very involved and can be a big hassle. At Narrow Path Investments, LLC, we’ll take the time to listen to all of your questions about the process and the potential savings involved with a direct sale, get started today by calling 919-346-0699 for a Free Consultation.

Besides avoiding all of the headaches of listing your home on the market, as a seller, you can save yourself money in the following ways by making a direct sale of your property in Raleigh.

No Repairs or Renovations

Inspections and appraisals are an integral part of the traditional home selling process, leading many sellers to be obligated to put thousands of dollars into a home that they’re ready to walk away from. In order to pass inspections, it’s possible that you could end up facing overwhelming repair bills for an issue you weren’t aware of beforehand. Are you prepared for this? Are you willing to invest money in making repairs to a house you just want to be done with?

Most traditional home buyers want to see upgrades. They are just not going to see the potential you think your property possesses especially if it’s outdated. The items that potential buyers would not be able to look past can be anything from aging cabinetry to apparent wear and tear in flooring, woodwork, and even the paint on the interior and exterior of the home.

Pack and Go

Don’t have time for cleaning your house before selling? Sell direct and forget it! Experienced real estate agents understand that most buyers don’t have the vision to see beyond your clutter or any apparent decorative flaws. They’ll advise that nearly every surface be free of objects. This means removing photographs or items that are more personal in nature. In today’s market, your real estate agent, whom you signed with to list your house, will likely recommend that you store away your own belongings and spend more money on staging your home. This is to make your home ready for advertising and showings. If that wasn’t enough of a hassle, there is more to selling your house the traditional way. You’ll also need to keep up the exterior curb appeal for the same reasons. You’ll have to do what is necessary to help the buyer visualize themselves living in the home. Doing a direct sale will allow you to forgo all that madness.

You can save on all the costs associated with cleaning, staging, and upkeeping of your Raleigh home by selling directly to an investor. In many cases, you can just leave behind any items you wish not to keep.  It’s pretty simple and hassle-free.

Forget Closing Costs

When you sell directly in Raleigh, you will not have to pay the many fees that come with selling your house traditionally. This means you will not pay closing costs whatsoever. You’ll also forego paying the fees normally associated with the required reports from appraisals and inspections in most cases. Especially on newer or more recently renovated properties. 

No Marketing Expenses

Whether you are working with a real estate agent or selling your home on your own, any marketing expenses will be passed on to you. One mistake that I see happen quite often with listings is having very poor pictures. If you want your home to attract any attention from potential buyers, you must have professional pictures taken. One option is to hire a professional photographer. This cost, of course, is passed on to you as the seller. It is an absolute must though. Naturally, the more you spend on getting your house ready to sell, the better you are able to reach the public. You’re home has to be picture perfect.

Monthly Costs Eliminated

The monthly costs of owning a home can add a lot of pressure stress to you life especially if you’ve already relocated due to a new job or personal reasons. These costs add up really quickly and can run into the thousands. It is not fun when you have to cover the costs of a home that you no longer live in. Having to pay for property taxes, a mortgage, insurance, utilities, and maintenance can put a strain on your finances. If your home is up in age, repair bills can be extremely expensive. The financial burden and personal stress can add up quickly but if you choose a direct sale without using an agent, the savings could literally be in the tens of thousands!

If you need to sell your house fast, just pack what you want to keep and sell your Raleigh property directly to a reputable investor. You can leave behind the monthly payments sooner than you think. Call Narrow Path Investments, LLC today at 919-346-0699 for a Free Consultation or send us a message to learn just how quickly we can help you start saving money!

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